Want to be a contributor?

Info for contributors and people who want to be them

Rules for Authors and Conributors

If you want to write a review save it as a draft, on wordperss, I or an editor will then check it and edit it or telling you what to change, if you want to keep something or discuss a change contact me or the editor and we will get back to you. If after a day or two we haven’t edited it contact me or an editor. If after 3 days no one has checked it feel free to publish it. If you want to publish a link to something worthwhile watching ask an editor me to watch it and eventually if you do it enough an we know its not a link to… Jimmy Carr’s personal gentleman’s viewing material or anything of the sort that isn’t appropriate we will tell you that you can post them as you want.

P.S. in 1 months time (on the first of May 2009) I will promote on author to editor depending on the amount of reviews and the amount of activity (links to good things, and posts) they have made/written , THIS IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO SPAM THE HOME PAGE if you do then you’ll lessen your chances, 2 a day is enough. So on your marks…. GO!

Becoming a contributor?

Anyone with something worthwhile can become a contributor, author and even editor. All you need to do is send me a email with a draft review, or piece of text which you would like to add. If I like it I will add your wordpress account to be a contributor. You’ll be able to write drafts for the site through word blog and then I’ll publish them. If you write often enough and I like your work you’ll become a author and be able to publish your own stuff. Then if you’re a very good author, who writes very often and posts links to game trailers etc. You’ll become an editor with the power of VETO!!!!! You’ll get to edit peoples posts for inappropriate language etc.

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