Hello all, I made this blog because upon reading the IGN review for empire total war (it so shit it doesn’t deserve capitals), I was given the impression that it was a very good game, almost unbeatable. Everyone said it was great so I bought it on Tuesday the 31st of March, I brought it home and tried it out, basically I was unimpressed (this being an under exaggeration). So this blatant lie has inspired me to start this. I’m going to review any game I get my hands on, including old classics, and so that I can cover as much as I can I’m going to borrow everything. I’m planning to release at least one review a week, probably on Sundays, (I might change it later on). I will always post a review on the “review day” (currently Sunday, if u weren’t paying attention one sentence back), I will also post reviews during the week, unfortunately due to various unforeseen variables these may change in amount. But there will ALWAYS be one on “review day”. Due to the fact that empire total war has disappointed me so much his will be the first thing that I will review, it will be on here soon. Also because I can’t cover everything by my little old own self, I’ve got handy slaves called “friends” to do my bidding and also do reviews for consoles and games I don’t have.

Author: Oscar Wilde

P.S. Don’t worry other posts will be more fun 😉 promise.

P.P.S. Feel free to contact me, I’ll take all requests that I can so send emails to ….. um I don’t have an official email yet so just hang on a day or to it will appear…

ppps Here we arnt robots or like good punctuation so dont complain about it you know what we mean


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