Vote on your favourite look!!!

You, the readers will get a say in what the blog looks like 😀 on Tuesday I’ll change it, and then on Thursday I’ll change it again. Leave comments on this post for your favourite look, say 1 for the one we have now 2 for the one coming on Tuesday and 3 for the on coming on Thursday!

In other news…

A review for Advanced Wars: Dual Strike! by one of our local authors Orochi out today! There will be a link to it here once we upload it (it isn’t on the website just yet so that’s not a link just an underlined word) if you’re so impatient to read it that you want a specific time it should be up by 20:00 GMT +0 (London, Greenwhich Lisbon blah blah blah cities i don’t  care about…)

no it did not say 17:00 wtf stop taking so much crack

Oscar Wilde


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