Wow my first spam…

i got spam from jesus, the sign that your blog is really lifting off…

wanna hear it kids?

“Personally I love the game, “Jesus’ interactive life” in which you play me and get to bring happiness to the world and preacha lot. 5/5 from me!!! :)”

im afraid i deleted it :(….

anyway dead tomorrow no posts so survive on these


5 Responses to Wow my first spam…

  1. Jesus says:

    Jesus approves of this!!! 🙂

  2. Фергус Моррис says:


  3. Фергус Моррис says:

    I dunno, just guessed i suppose. How did you fail to spell my name in Latin characters?….. Ouch!
    Go on, visit these links:
    And do not (repeat not) visit this link

    • truthfulgamereviews says:

      lol altthought this is techinicaly spam its just such awsome spam that im gonna aprove this comment

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